Contact Lists For Mac Users

Outlook for Mac has always been limited to creating contact lists locally as opposed to the Windows versions where you could create an Exchange contact list that you could access from any computer.

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Faculty computer refresh program

The university now has a program to refresh full-time and LTA faculty computers every four years. If you are a new professor and don’t know if you are on our list, please fill out this form: You will then be placed on a waiting list. You can contact us at any time by emailing to find out when your computer refresh is coming up.

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How to get Adobe CC


Faculty of Fine Arts staff and students can use the instructions below to access Adobe software. This page also contains links to a form for faculty to request licenses for their entire class. Don’t worry we just need your class number, not all your student names. If a faculty member or staff needs their own license, they have to request a staff license by emailing

Concordia has secured a limited amount of Adobe CC licenses for students that will be active as long as you remain an active student enrolled in a class listed below. The license does not grant access to most web only applications and cloud services, such as the cloud version of Lightroom.

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How to buy software

New procedures will come from the Dean’s office soon, but for now we are being asked to use the web requisition (WebReq) system to order any software regardless of the cost.

If you are not familiar with the WebReq process, you can read the instructions from this PDF file.

**Note that if you just need to purchase a plugin or things like textures that don’t have an executable/installer, you can order it yourself without going through this process. Just remember to get permission from the budget office to make sure you’ll be reimbursed.

Windows 10 Feature Updates

Since the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 was completed in early 2020, we are now on the Windows 10 update cycle. Usually twice a year,  Microsoft will release a major and a minor feature update for Windows 10. However, not all of these updates will be needed.

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Class/laboratories onsite recording support

CTL and IITS are offering the following services via this request form.
  • Audio-video recording equipment on local computers and laptops in designated classrooms on campus.
  • Mobile filming kit on both campuses to help faculty record lab components that cannot be moved off-site.
  • Studios equipped with Lightboards, recording equipment and dedicated technicians on both campuses. More info on Lightboard Studios.

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