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Office Staff Working Remotely (Mac)

To make sure your Mac is running the latest software and updates, we are using a software called
Managed Software Center. You can find it on your Mac under :
Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Managed Software Center
Once you start it you will be greeted by this window:

Select the Updates Tab:

If updates are required, you will get a list of Applications, Packages and Updates to apply:

You can then click on Update All in the up right corner of the window. You might have to log out and reboot in order to apply all the updates.
You might also need to run Managed Software Center several times to make sure all the required
updates are applied. You will know that everything is done once you get the following window:

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Microsoft Teams

Teaching and learning (students and faculty)

Connect to the Fine Arts Curriculum Server Using FTP
This includes Class Shares, CDA Labs home folders and Project Websites

Connect to the Fine Arts Curriculum Server through VPN
Once you connect your computer to Concordia’s VPN, you can access the server the same way as if you are on campus

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Labs (coming soon)

Microsoft Office 365

Remote Desktop Connections

Remote connections to your office computer can be setup for faculty and staff, VPN is required to access this functionality.

There are a few steps to make it happen and the easiest way to start is by sending a request to

Please include your netname, office number, office computer type (PC/Mac) and home computer type (PC/MAC)

Once CDA makes sure your office computer is ready to receive connections and you know its address, you can follow one of these guides to connect:

Remotely Connect to Concordia’s Network – VPN


  • For assistance with a remote connection, please email
    • Include your phone number where we can reach you. 
    • If you don’t get an answer in a timely manner, please email directly.
  • Connect to Convordia’s VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will give you the same access as if your computer was connected to the Concordia Campus network. Make sure you are running version 6.0.5 or higher. Some services will not work with older versions.
  • Configure VPN Client

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