Windows 10 Feature Updates

Since the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 was completed in early 2020, we are now on the Windows 10 update cycle. Usually twice a year,  Microsoft will release a major and a minor feature update for Windows 10. However, not all of these updates will be needed.

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Video and Audio Project Support

The CDA offers remote support for student video and audio projects. This includes support for hardware (cameras, audio recorders, lights, display devices) and software, especially the Adobe CC applications (Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder and Audition) as well as Pro Tools and DaVinci Resolve. Please contact Phil Hawes by email. If the issue cannot be resolved by email then it is possible to reserve a Zoom or MS teams meeting. Please also take a look at this technical documents page on the CDA website.

Teaching and learning (students and faculty)

Connect to the Fine Arts Curriculum Server Using FTP
This includes Class Shares, CDA Labs home folders and Project Websites

Connect to the Fine Arts Curriculum Server through VPN
Once you connect your computer to Concordia’s VPN, you can access the server the same way as if you are on campus

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Labs (coming soon)

Microsoft Office 365

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Additional Resources