How to get Adobe CC


Faculty of Fine Arts staff and students can use the instructions below to access Adobe software. This page also contains links to a form for teachers to request licenses for their entire class. Don’t worry we just need your class number, not all your student names. If a teacher or staff needs their own license, they have to request a staff license by emailing

Concordia has secured a limited amount of Adobe CC licenses for students that will be active as long as you remain an active student enrolled in a class listed below. The license does not grant access to most web only applications and cloud services, such as the cloud version of Lightroom.

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Class/laboratories onsite recording support

CTL and IITS are offering the following services via this request form.
  • Audio-video recording equipment on local computers and laptops in designated classrooms on campus.
  • Mobile filming kit on both campuses to help faculty record lab components that cannot be moved off-site.
  • Studios equipped with Lightboards, recording equipment and dedicated technicians on both campuses. More info on Lightboard Studios.

Changing your password

If you decide to change your password that is associated with your netname, please be aware of the following.

  1. It takes about an hour for systems at Concordia to sync with each other. So change it and wait about an hour before attempting to login.
  2. If you don’t change it at the same time on all your devices, then your account may get locked. This happens because after about five attempts to login with the wrong password, the system will lock your account for about 15 minutes. So if you forgot that your old phone that you gave your son or daughter as an example, still has your Concordia email setup, that old phone will be trying to login with the wrong password and will lock up your account. At that point the only solution is to find the device and change or delete that account.

How to reserve a lab or edit suite computer for remote sessions

By reserving a computer, you will be able to connect remotely to it using NoMachine (Windows, Mac or Linux client) or Screen Sharing.  For now there are only some edit suites and labs that offer NoMachine: EV 5.635, EV 5.815 and all the EV 5th floor edit suites. We strongly recommend using NoMachine remote desktop software over Apple’s Screen Sharing. When using NoMachine you will have audio and better image quality.

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How to purchase a computer

As shown in the image below, login to the portal, choose Computer Purchase under the Procurement Services menu and then select either PC Standard Models or Apple Models. From there follow the instructions and configure your machine. When you add your items to a cart, you can then send the cart to yourself to receive an email or a PDF of your configuration. This is your official quote that we will attach to a web requisition.

Email us at your PDF or the email you received with the quote and CDA will fill out the web requisition for you. We will send it to your supervisor for further approval with a copy of the web requisition to you. You should then let your supervisor (for PDA or research funds, it’s your Chair) to let them know which account they have to enter into the web requisition as CDA does not have access to your budget/account. Your supervisor must then submit the web requisition to Susan Groff in the Dean’s office for further approval and for her to input the account information, in case your supervisor couldn’t do it. From there it goes to Procurement Services so they can generate a purchase order to then send to the vendor.

Once the PO reaches the vendor, we usually receive the computer two or three weeks later. CDA will contact you the same day to let you know it arrived and to coordinate setup, file transfers from your old computer and pickup.


Waivers for non-standard Windows computers (Macs don’t need a waiver)

If you require a non-standard Windows computer, you’ll need to download and fill out the Waiver request form highlighted in the image above and send it to CDA at We will fill out the field for the web requisition number, but you’ll have to justify why you need a non-standard computer. CDA supports all computer models, but the university needs a justification attached to the web requisition.


Extra information on ordering a Mac

You can start by going to this page :

Type Concordia for the institution and choose Quebec, then hit search. You can then browse as a guest and configure a system. This will be the final cost if you are purchasing it with Concordia funds. You can now add your configuration to the cart and then send the cart (official quote) which means you can have an email sent to you and CDA with the configuration. Although your quote may have the full taxes shown, once the university gets back some of them, the actual amount is around 8%.

Depending on which budget you use, CDA can then fill out a web requisition that we can send to either your Chair or straight to our financial planner/budget officer for further approval.

If all this doesn’t make any sense, just configure what you want anywhere like, print the results as a PDF file, send it to and we’ll then get you an official quote.

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