Contact Lists For Mac Users

Outlook for Mac has always been limited to creating contact lists locally as opposed to the Windows versions where you could create an Exchange contact list that you could access from any computer.

If you are using the desktop version of Outlook, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

You cannot create (as of August 2021) a local contact list if you are using the new look in the Outlook desktop application. There is a switch at the top right of the window and you can revert to the older look. By local, it means that you will have to recreate the contact list for every device you have.

Choose File>New>Contact List as shown in the image below to get started. Unfortunately Microsoft has also removed a few things to let you import a list from an Excel spreadsheet and the like, but if we figure out a way, we’ll update this page. For now, you’ll need to add people one by one.



Office/Outlook 365 web interface

You can always use your browser and go to to access the online version of Outlook. Here you can create your contact list and it will always be available from any device.

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