Here’s how to locate your Concordia Carrefour content in AEM

You are now able to log in to Concordia Carrefour, the new hub for faculty and staff. The single sign-on solution features a modern, mobile-friendly user interface and has the same look and feel as Concordia’s public website.

For more details on Concordia Carrefour, please read the NOW story .

Today’s launch also coincides with the decommissioning of Cspace, the university’s former intranet. To assist you in locating your content in Concordia’s Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), please refer to the following information on the migration from Cspace to Carrefour.

Content migration within AEM

The project team has moved all relevant content from Cspace into the Carrefour content tree in AEM. To illustrate this change, here are the former and current landing page paths for Cspace and Carrefour:

  • Old Cspace path:              /content/cspace/en
  • New Carrefour path:       /content/hub/en/carrefour

Under the Carrefour content tree, you will find your content in the ‘services’ subfolder: /content/hub/en/carrefour/services/

Please refer to the following examples of pages that receive higher traffic:

Human Resources

  • Old path:             /content/cspace/en/services/hr
  • New path:           /content/hub/en/carrefour/services/hr

Financial Services

  • Old path:             /content/cspace/en/services/budget-expenses-finance
  • New path:           /content/hub/en/carrefour/services/financial

Faculty Resources

  • Old path:             /content/cspace/en/resources/faculty
  • New path:           /content/hub/en/carrefour/services/faculty

For more information

If you have any questions or concerns related to the content migration, please email

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