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The Patron Portal is now open to all users.  All patron classes may only have a single reservation in the system at a time.  All bookings will be reviewed by depot staff prior to being finalized in order to ensure pick-ups and returns fit into the limited available timeslots; one user every 15 minutes in order to ensure limited contact between users and staff. 

Depot hours are 9:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

Undergraduate students have a maximum 7 day booking period with no possibility of renewal.  If equipment is required again there will need to be a two week period between the end of one reservation and the beginning of the next.

Graduate students will have a one time 4 week booking for the semester.  All work requiring equipment from the EV Depot will need to be completed during this period.


The Fine Arts depots, including the CDA general pool, MB Theatre Dance and Music, IMCA, DCART and Photography depots, are circulating equipment out of the FOFA Gallery on the 1st floor of the EV building. This is in an attempt to ease the need for students and Faculty to access the building unnecessarily.  This also allows users to get equipment without the need for filling out the One Time Only or Recurring Access forms.  Users will enter and exit through the Ste. Catherine St. door to the gallery located half way between Guy and Mackay Sts.

In order to make this work all bookings will be by appointment only, no drop-ins.  Once the Patron Portal is made available users will be able to make a request for equipment at least 72 hours in advance.  All bookings will be reviewed and an operator will either confirm the booking or contact you to alter pick-up and return times and dates to an available slot.

We are currently focused on supporting Faculty who are teaching remotely as well as kit distribution for departments that have a specific set of materials required for the completion of certain classes.

Once this is completed we will be better able to assess our ability to begin circulating equipment to all members of the Concordia Fine Arts community.  If things continue to progress as they have been our timeline is as follows:

  • As of the start of classes we are operating the Gallery Depot Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm for kit distribution. Equipment requests by Faculty and Graduate students are being reviewed on a case by case basis through the evdepot.finearts@concordia.ca email address for general pool equipment.  Reservations will be made when there are availabilities in the kit distribution schedule. Departments that have their own pools of equipment can be contacted directly as well.
  • As of September 14th we hope to have the Patron Portal open for Faculty and Graduate students to create their equipment requests.  Requests will be reviewed and either approved or adjusted to available time slots
  • As of October 16th we hope to make equipment reservations through the Patron Portal available to Undergraduate students.

These are targets we are aiming for.  All dates are subject to change based on the progression of the work being done and the health situation.

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