How to buy a computer during the closure

The email listed at the bottom of this page went out from the Dean’s office and is for your reference, if you are looking to acquire equipment or software to prepare for your online courses.

Executive summary for computer purchases, your options:

  1. If you want to purchase a computer using your PDA funds, you have a choice to use the IITS intake form linked to in the email below and wait for the go ahead. This means that you will be using your own personal credit card (not a Concordia card), ordering it from anywhere you prefer and having it delivered to your home. You then will ask for a reimbursement from your department. CDA will help you setup university software such as MS Office and Adobe products remotely. Before your purchase, you must first check with your department or the budget office in the Dean’s office to make sure your account has the funds to reimburse you.
  2. You can follow the official way to get a computer described below. The computer will be paid for by a university account, get delivered to Concordia and setup by CDA who will coordinate with you to customize it with software that Concordia provides free of charge. You will then need to come to Concordia to pickup the computer.

This link below has the official way to get a computer (Mac):

If you don’t like that method, CDA can certainly help and you would follow the steps below.

You can start by going to this page :

Type Concordia for the institution and choose Quebec, then hit search. You can then browse as a guest and configure a system. This will be the final cost if you are purchasing it with Concordia funds. You can now add your configuration to the cart and then create a saved cart (official quote) which means you can have an email sent to you or CDA with the details in a PDF file. Depending on which budget you use, CDA can then fill out a web requisition that we can send to either your Chair or straight to our financial planner/budget officer for further approval.

If all this doesn’t make any sense, just configure what you want anywhere like, print the results as a PDF file, send it to and we’ll then get you an official quote.


Email sent from the Dean’s office:

This is going to full-time faculty, department administrations and staff. Please forward it to all part-time faculty.

The following email outlines hardware and software resources available through the FoFA CDA to support online curriculum content creation and delivery. Please take the time to read the information available and fill out the CDA Intake form if applicable. Should you have any general questions, contact us at If you have any technical support issues, please reach us through the ticketing system at

IITS Laptop, Headset, Internet Stick, IPad, and WebCam

If you are requesting to borrow  a Windows laptop, a headset, Internet Stick, IPad  or webcam, please complete the IITS intake form:

You can also procure equipment, such as a Mac laptop,  via your PDA by selecting the “No, I need to make an emergency request” on the IITS Intake form. This involves you ordering the computer with your credit card and having it delivered to your home.

However, if you prefer to have your computer configured by the CDA, please go through the Web Requisition procedure. Your computer will be delivered to Concordia and the CDA will contact you for pick-up once it has been configured.

**** Faculty must follow one of the methods above to either borrow from IITS or procure equipment. You cannot use your p-card or US Bank Visa (corporate card) to make equipment purchases. You can use your credit card but you must obtain pre-approval via the IITS intake form before making the purchase. ****


CDA Specialized Equipment

If you are requesting specialized equipment such as professional-grade USB/wireless microphones, lighting kits, cameras, stands, combined USB lighting, and camera kit, etc. please look at what is available on the CDA site

Following on from the initial conversations that we had with departments regarding equipment needs to facilitate online teaching,  we are asking you to complete  the CDA intake form so we can better understand the demand and prepare the depots

CDA Depots Relocation

As of July 28th, the CDA EV 5-770 depot will be relocated into the FoFA Art Gallery. For other depots, we will communicate their locations at a later date.  Any equipment pick-up and drop-off will be done by appointment only. If you require assistance and or want to create video content for your classes, please contact us at this email address.

We are prioritizing equipment bookings for online content creation.  We will resume regular equipment bookings for Faculty, students, and staff in mid-August via the WebCheckout patron portal.

CDA Software Availability

Some software packages will be available for students, faculty, and TA’s to be installed locally on their home devices. The list of what is available can be found on this link

Instructions on how to install the software will be made available soon on the support site

Please take the time to fill in the CDA intake form so we can keep track of how many licenses are required and make note of software requests that are not available through the CDA

Furthermore, to access the CDA software, students can reserve a seat in our virtual computer labs. The instructions will be made available in late August from the CDA  support site

Useful links

CDA (Center for Digital Arts) website
CDA Support Website
CDA Contact (general info)
CDA Technical support
CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning)
CTL Teaching Support
CTL Curriculum Support

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