How to reserve a lab or edit suite computer for remote sessions

By reserving a computer, you will be able to connect remotely to it using NoMachine (Windows, Mac or Linux client) or Screen Sharing.  For now there are only some edit suites and labs that offer NoMachine: EV 5.635, EV 5.815 and all the EV 5th floor edit suites. We strongly recommend using NoMachine remote desktop software over Apple’s Screen Sharing. When using NoMachine you will have audio and better image quality.

In order to connect remotely to an edit suite or  lab computer, you’ll need to connect to Concordia’s network through VPN. How to connect to Concordia’s VPN

You can reserve a computer by first checking availability here:


Once logged in select from the dropdown menu your area or a computer lab. For remote screen sharing, only the areas that end with the word “computers” are the ones you need to choose.


Once you see which computer is available by confirming that the station has a green light/icon next to its name, you can proceed to book by clicking the “Open Patron Portal” button located at the top right of the screen. If nothing is available, try in a few minutes as the machines go through a sync process every


Once at the Patron Portal screen, login with your netname and password.

You’ll now have to choose a checkout centre and you will pick the one that ends with the name “computers”. I.E. Fine Arts Labs, Studios and Edit Suite Computers.


Now you’ll choose the Create New Reservation button.


Keeping in mind the time and date that the calendar page showed you for availability, now choose your start and end time and click the Add Resources button to select a computer.


You can now choose the area/lab (1) and the computers will show up on the right or if on mobile it will present you with the list in the new window. You can review the time you want your booking (2) and add your resource/computer to your cart (2). You can scroll sideways to see later dates from the timeline (4). If you need to change your time at this point, you can click the back button available to you near the top right of your screen.


You can click on the Cart/Time status button on the top right corner of the screen to review and submit your reservation.


If everything looks good, click submit or if not you can continue to edit the reservation.


Once you submit, you should receive the Congratulations screen as shown below.


You can always modify or cancel your reservation from the main screen by clicking on the reservation.

Now that you have your reservation, you’ll need to head back to the calendar page.

Depending on the workstation, you will have either only a VNC icon or both a VNC and NoMachine icon. In both cases, click on the icon to download the pre-configured connection file that has the username and password.

You can also click on your name to get the details in a separate pop-up box in case you need to connect manually.

Once either file is downloaded, follow the guide specific to each type of connection below :

Screen Sharing – using the vncloc file : Remote session to a lab computer using Screen Sharing

NoMachine – using the nxs file : Remote session to a lab computer using NoMachine


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