macOS upgrade using Managed Software Center

Since several Macs have not been on premise for the last year, the macOS upgrade schedule was disrupted. Upgrading macOS will be beneficial for both security and compatibility with the latest software we will be rolling out this summer.

You have to meet the following minimum requirements to proceed with the upgrade :

  • Your Mac must be 2012 or newer, you can get that information in the Apple Menu -> About This Mac, below the macOS version you should see your model and year (ex. iMac (27-inch, Late 2013))

About this Mac

  • You will need 30GB of free space on your Hard Drive or SSD in order to proceed with the upgrade. More might even be better if you also have other software that needs to be updated which is often the case. You can get that information in Apple Menu -> About This Mac -> Storage

About Storage

  • If you are using a laptop, make sure that your power adapter is connected to an outlet.
  • We also recommend that you backup your important files, normally a macOS upgrade won’t affect your Data but we can never be too safe. That can be done manually, using Time Machine or Crashplan. If you need assistance with that, reach out to the CDA.

To start the upgrade process, simply open the Managed Software Center Application located in the Applications folder.


In the “Software” tab, you will see the macOS upgrades along with other applications made available to your computer. Click on update beside the macOS installer you wish to use.

We recommend going with macOS Catalina unless you have legacy software that requires 32-bit support. Most software vendors have already updated their software to be Catalina compatible. Once again, if in doubt reach out to the CDA.

You will get a warning prior to the update downloading :

MSC Catalina update prompt

Click on “Ok, let’s do it”.

This will start the macOS Catalina installer download to your computer. Depending on your internet speed, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. You can see the progress in the “Updates” tab.

MSC Catalina Download

Once the installer is downloaded simply click on “Update”.

MSC Catalina Update All

You will then need to click “Log out and update” for the upgrade to proceed.

MSC Logout

The upgrade will now start. Your computer will reboot multiple times and may also make a loud beep if a firmware upgrade is required. Let this process complete.

Once macOS is upgraded, Managed Software Center will update applications prior to your first login.

Let this process complete to make sure all your applications are updated.

If you run into any issues once the upgrade is finished, once again, reach out to the CDA.

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