Changing your password

If you decide to change your password that is associated with your netname, please be aware of the following.

  1. It takes about an hour for systems at Concordia to sync with each other. So change it and wait about an hour before attempting to login.
  2. If you don’t change it at the same time on all your devices, then your account may get locked. This happens because after about five attempts to login with the wrong password, the system will lock your account for about 15 minutes. So if you forgot that your old phone that you gave your son or daughter as an example, still has your Concordia email setup, that old phone will be trying to login with the wrong password and will lock up your account. At that point the only solution is to find the device and change or delete that account.

Remote session to a lab computer using NoMachine

Remote working means logging on to a CDA lab or edit room computer from your computer at home. NoMachine is a remote desktop solution that is superior to Apple’s built-in screen sharing or Microsoft Remote Desktop and, most importantly, you will have audio as well as hardware acceleration.

You do not need a powerful computer for remote working. Your operating system needs to be Mac OS 10.7 or later / Windows XP or later to use NoMachine. But a high speed internet connection (15Mbit/s download and 10Mbit/s upload) is required.

This guide takes into account that you already booked the computer on which you want to connect to. If not please follow this guide : How to reserve a lab or edit suite computer for remote sessions

In order to connect remotely to an edit suite or  lab computer, you’ll need to connect to Concordia’s network through VPN. How to connect to Concordia’s VPN

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