Resources available from CDA for teaching online



Below are listed some of the equipment available to lend that may help you create or deliver content for your online courses (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Document Cameras:  
  • Webcams:  With light:  
  • Headsets:  
  • iMac (limited quantities):  
  • MacBook Pro (limited quantities):  
  • Drawing Tablets: 
  • Sound Cards:   
  • Continuous Video Cameras:    
  • 15 minute clip Video & Still Cameras:  
  • Tripods:
  • Lighting Kits and Accessories:         
  • Audio Recorders:  
  • Audio Mixers:  
  • Microphones  USB: Vocal: Wireless USB:


Have a look at whether CDA lab software is available for free, by remote desktop connections or by connecting to Concordia’s VPN to use our licenses with software installed on your own computer.

Due to some limitations such as lag associated with remote connections especially with sound and video apps, we are recommending that students purchase their own software where possible.

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