Using Pro Tools over VPN on your Home Computer

Download and configure the VPN client following these instructions:

Notes for Windows Users

As of Pro Tools 2021.6, you must be running macOS 10.14.6, 10.15.7 or 11.4, do not upgrade to later versions until Avid certifies it and upgrade your version of Pro Tools accordingly to support it.

Download and install Pro Tools:

Close Pro Tools if it’s open.

Open iLok License Manager from Applications or your Start Menu
Do not sign-in to your iLok account
Sign-out if you already have
No iLok account is needed

Open Preferences

Select Network, My Connections

Click + and choose “Add Server with IP address…”

Enter “” in the “IP Address” text field and click “Locate”

Copy and paste the following string in the “Password” text field and click “Connect”


Click OK, then OK once more.

Pro Tools is now licensed.

You can now close iLok License Manager and open Pro Tools.

Remember to always connect to VPN(Forticlient), before opening Pro Tools.

Notes for Windows Users:


Most onboard sound cards do not have ASIO and therefore Pro Tools cannot use them out of the box.
So if you see this error message, you have 2 choices:

  1. Buy an officially supported internal or external(USB/Firewire) sound card with ASIO support.
  2. Install ASIO4ALL which is a free WDM wrapper:

You can hold “n” when starting Pro Tools, to force the app to display the playback engine selection window, so you can choose your interface.


It can happen that if you pair a bluetooth headset or speakers to your computer that ASIO4ALL can latch on to this new interface.

When this happens, Pro Tools will not be able to initialize the playback engine and you’ll see this error: “The selected audio device could not be initialized. Please choose another audio device.’ (AAE 6117)”

Make sure that the internal sound card is selected and active in the ASIO4ALL panel and not the bluetooth devices as seen below. You can access the ASIO4ALL panel on the task bar in the system tray area near the clock, look for this icon:

If you can’t access the system tray icon for ASIO4ALL, because it doesn’t appear in online mode(while Pro Tools is running).

You’ll need to access “ASIO4ALL v2 Off-Line Settings”, which is listed under the “ASIO4ALL v2” folder in the Start menu.

This option is not installed by default, so if you haven’t selected it when you installed ASIO4ALL, you’ll need to make sure Pro Tools is closed, uninstall ASIO4ALL and then re-install ASIO4ALL while including the “Off-Line Settings” option as seen below:

Windows 10 Version

As of Pro Tools 2021.6, you must be running Windows 10 2004, 20H2 or 21H1, do not upgrade to later versions until Avid certifies it and upgrade your version of Pro Tools accordingly to support it.

If you have recently upgraded, you can rollback to the previous version by following these instructions:

  1. Click Start Start button, then type “recovery”.
  2. Select Recovery options.
  3. Under Recovery, Go back to the previous version of Windows 10, click on Get Started.
  4. Select a reason for going back, then click Next.
  5. If your computer is unplugged, be sure to plug it into wall power and click Next.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the rollback.

Pro Tools and Zoom

To temporarily use Pro Tools and Zoom simultaneously, so you can hear both applications at the same time.

  1. Open Windows Settings, then “System”
  2. Choose “Sound” category.
  3. Under the “Output” category, click “Device properties”
  4. In the category “Related Settings”, click on “Additional device properties”
  5. When the “Speakers Properties” dialogue box opens, click on “Advanced”.
  6. Uncheck the setting named “Give exclusive mode applications priority”.

Once you are done with Zoom, it’s highly recommended to restore the original setting when working on your Pro Tools project.

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