Windows 10 Feature Updates

Since the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 was completed in early 2020, we are now on the Windows 10 update cycle. Usually twice a year,  Microsoft will release a major and a minor feature update for Windows 10. However, not all of these updates will be needed.

The CDA has chosen to focus on the minor feature updates which end up being more polished versions of the major releases, they are also supported by Microsoft for a longer period of time. This means that at least every 30 months, every PC will receive a new Windows 10 feature update as this is required to continue receiving product and security fixes.

We will soon make Windows 10 1909 available to all PCs running Windows 10 1803 and 1809.

To verify your current version of Windows 10, you can open “Windows Settings”, type “about” in the search field and choose “About your PC” from the available items.

You can then scroll down until you see “Windows specifications”.

In that section, you will see “Version”, with your current version displayed.

When the upgrade is ready to proceed, you will get a notification on your screen.

From there you can start the upgrade process immediately or you can schedule when to start.

This upgrade can take a bit of time depending on the speed of your PC.
It will reboot your computer several times to complete and you must not interrupt this process once it has started.

Once complete, you can revisit “Windows Settings”, “About your PC”, “Windows specifications” as shown above to verify that the upgrade was successful.

If after the upgrade process, the version number did not change to reflect the new version then something went wrong with the upgrade and it automatically rolled back.
In this case, please contact and we will have to find out what caused the upgrade failure.

You may notice a temporary reduction in free disk space, this is caused by the archived files required for a rollback to the previous version if needed. This space will be freed automatically 10 days after a successful upgrade.

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